Chain Memo Samples

A chain memo sample or peg sample is generally just a smaller version of a memo sample. The sample itself is usually smaller than the fold-over “ticket” used for identification.

Chain samples usually come in a set, secured with a ball chain such as those used for key rings. Peg samples are usually placed individually on wall display pegs in showroom scenarios.

Identifications can also be made with tickets that do not fold over. Sometimes they extend beyond one edge of the sample to provide branding identification visible from the face side of the material.

Chain samples and peg samples can also be presented in a flip-style box or cradle. These boxes are fairly popular with design firms that have sufficient library sample storage. Some companies also use chain and peg samples as their memo samples. The smaller swatch size offers a cost savings relative to the larger memo sample.

Chain Memo Samples or Peg Samples – Leed Highlights

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Design Flexibility

We offer multiple options for ticket placement and branding to meet your specific needs.

Short Runs

Leed can produce chain memo samples in very small quantities through our Just-in-Time, ‘By-the-Yard’ production system. Dedicated production lines ensure the fastest possible turnaround with the highest quality.