Kitting & Catalog Assembly

Kitting & Catalog Assembly

Kitting & catalog assembly – the process of pulling multiple marketing pieces from inventory, collating all of it, and packaging the set – is one of the key fulfillment capabilities at Leed.

We help our clients design, build, and deliver kitted sets of marketing materials that make for great sales presentations in the field.

A complete catalog is a very useful complement to individual brochures and sales sheets. And to a new dealer or sales representative, ordering one integrated item is far easier than ordering thirty discrete items. In addition, the catalog is organized in a way that helps deliver a more professional and repeatable sales presentation.

Kitting & Catalog Assembly – Leed Highlights

Take your catalog operations to new levels of quality and efficiency with help from Leed. Contact us to learn more.

Quality & Cost Savings vs In-House

Kitting & catalog assembly is a streamlined process at Leed. We get the job done with repeatable high quality and at lower per-piece cost compared to most in-house alternatives.

Full Service Capabilities

We offer a full range of services for kitting and catalog assemblies.

Packaging Consulting

Whether you need an assembly of just 3 – 5 pieces or 60+ pieces, we’ll work with you on the best packaging method to present a professionally completed marketing kit.

Any Size Job

No job is too small or too large for Leed. Our expertise and processes ensure consistent and professional service with every assembly, regardless of order quantity.