Literature Fulfillment Savings

Trying to save money by fulfilling your customers’ and sales channels’ requests for material samples and literature in-house doesn’t always work out as intended. Chances are that in-house fulfillment is costing your organization a lot more than you ever realized.

Making an informed decision about in-house vs. outsourced fulfillment requires an analysis to determine your true cost of fulfilling an order. While the numbers in the example below may seem daunting, they are based on reality and reflect actual costs of internal fulfillment operations.

Get a clear picture of your potential savings from outsourcing fulfillment

Fulfillment Cost Savings – Leed Highlights

Let the experts at Leed handle order fulfillment so that your employees can return to their core competencies and focus on growing the business – saving you money, time and hassle.

Core Competency Focus

Literature and samples fulfillment is a core competency at Leed Fulfillment. We focus on it every day of the year, finding ways to make it better and more cost-effective for our clients.

Integration with Materials Sampling

Our fulfillment operations are integrated with our sample manufacturing facilities. If you require material samples as well as sales literature distribution, Leed’s one-stop-shop capabilities offer you tremendous overall cost and quality advantages.