Color Blocks

A Color Block sample is an individual material sample used to show your finish and grain in a larger, more portable configuration.  The Color Block may be used to verify the buyer’s selection in the end-use environment, used to present the project to the end-buyer, or used as a component in Sample Display Kits.

Leed can cut your hard surface materials from 48″ x 96″ boards, from Lineals and Slats, or even work with your pre-cut samples.  Leed can also work with you to establish grain and finish standards and offer inspection to ensure your samples show only the highest of quality to your customers.

Identifications can be applied in ID Card, Direct Print, or On-Demand Labels.  Virtually no quantity is too small or too large.

Integration with Digital Sampling and Fulfillment Services – You can combine memo samples with a web-based catalog, leveraging the benefits of both. And with our cost-effective in-house fulfillment services you’ll have a complete managed sampling program.

If Color Block samples are an important part of your materials sampling mix, contact us today to discuss how Leed can help.