Digital Cards

Instead of actual material swatches, a digital card contains digitally printed images of the materials you want to show. The card can have a combination of digitally reproduced images and real material swatches to demonstrate hand and textural features of selected materials.

With digital swatching you can show even the largest scale fabrics and materials in a catalog. Fabrics with large pattern repeats, such as privacy curtains, can be scaled down to show the entire pattern sequence.

Digital swatching is also a very cost-effective way to quickly produce a materials sampling card because it eliminates the cost of the material as well as material handling and processing.

Digital Cards -Leed Highlights

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Digital Swatch Quality

Our state of the art digital printing equipment offers the best color accuracy available, ensuring high-quality digital images and consistency from swatch to swatch and card to card.

Short Run Capabilities

Our workflow is focused on smaller runs, enabling Leed to meet all your demands for low volume, fast turnaround digital swatch cards.

Integration with Memos Samples & Rapid Fulfillment

Digital samples often go hand-in-hand with the need for matching memo samples. Leed can produce short run “Just in Time” memo samples and with our rapid, in-house fulfillment services you can get your material cards in the hands of your sales channel and customers quickly.