Presentation Board

Presentation Boards

A presentation board is essentially a large swatch card, usually constructed as a case-turned board with a swatched inside liner.

Swatches are usually straight edge surface mounted, but can also be pinked or waterfalled. Since presentation boards are usually made in rather small quantities, sandwiching is rarely used.

Presentation boards are often used by salespeople during the introduction of a new material to the market. As a result, these boards are generally sized to fit in a salesman’s portfolio with a closed size of around 12½” x 17” and an open size (two panels) of approximately 25” x 17”.

Presentation Boards - Leed Highlights

Contact us to discuss your needs for presentation boards and how Leed can help.

Variety & Flexibility

Leed designs and produces presentation boards with a wide variety of sizes and materials. We can easily mix and match as needed to meet your specific project requirements.

Smaller Runs, Quick Turnaround

Our production processes are geared toward smaller, quick turnaround projects. We make sure that your salespeople have their presentation material in time for that critical new product launch.

Quality & Continuity

Leed’s project management, graphic continuity, and quality assurance processes ensure that your presentation boards look great and match your other material samples.