Sandwich Cards

A sandwich card is a swatch card with material swatches held between two plies of printed card stock. The swatches can be viewed and felt through die cut windows on the front and/or back of the card. Swatches are always straight-edge cut, and the visible portion of the swatch is determined by the size and shape of the die cut windows. Although sandwich cards are generally more expensive than surface mounted cards, they hold up better in use. Raveling and fraying of the edges are nearly non-existent.

Sandwich Cards – Leed Highlights

Quality Focus

Leed makes the best looking, tightest and most accurate sandwich swatch cards in the industry, thanks to our proprietary Position Guidance and Compression System. And to ensure the final product quality, each and every swatch card is inspected to very stringent standards.

Quick, Cost-Effective Design Options

We have more than 2,600 dies of different sizes and shapes. This enables us to design and produce your sandwich swatch cards quickly and cost effectively. Make a lasting impression on your customers with the highest quality sandwiched swatch cards from Leed. Contact us today to discuss your next sampling project.