Surface Mounted Cards

Surface Mounted Cards

A surface mounted card is a swatch card that consists of a printed card stock with material swatches on one or both sides. These cards are the most economical way of presenting material samples and work very well in a materials catalog.

Surface Mounted Card Detail

Since surface mounted cards do not require expensive dies or complex tooling, they allow the greatest flexibility in design.

Surface Mounted Cards – Leed Highlights

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Quality Focus

Leed manages the entire production of surface mounted swatch cards in-house. Using our automated tooling system we can apply the swatches to the card with the highest precision. In addition, every swatch and every card are inspected for accuracy and quality.

Design Flexibility

We handle a broad range of swatch and card sizes. Material swatches can be pinked, straight edge cut, or even die cut. The swatches can be glued tight to the card, or partially glued to let your customer feel the material.

Presentation Options

Swatches can be presented in many different ways, including isolated island swatches with surrounding white space, stripped, battle-ribboned, or even in a waterfall arrangement.

Volume Flexibility

We can produce your surface mounted swatch cards in almost any quantity you need.

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