Waterfall Cards

On a waterfall card the surface-mounted swatches partially overlap each other to offer a larger viewing area of the material. Waterfalls are also used to encourage the user to “feel” the material.

The waterfall swatches can be straight edge cut or pinked, depending on the material. Standard size waterfall cards can be easily kept in a ring-binder materials catalog.

A waterfall card is a very convenient way to show a larger number of material swatches without increasing the size of the card or using multiple cards.

Per swatch, waterfall cards are generally more expensive than sandwich and surface mounted cards, but they are less expensive when you consider the total area of viewable fabric.

Waterfall swatches can be folded to highlight and accentuate the hand or softness of the material – great for velvets and other luxurious fabrics.

Waterfall Cards -
Leed Highlights

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Laser-Guided Positioning

Our exclusive Laser Guidance System helps us produce waterfall cards of superior quality with consistent swatch positioning and excellent uniformity from card to card and column to column.