Specialized BooksSpecialized books are highly customized ways to present material samples. Sometimes the product is unique enough to warrant a little extra-special merchandising to get the attention it deserves.

Special case constructions, such as textile covering, tip-in labels, or sandwiched printed windows could be just the extra something you are looking for. Sometimes it may be a special handle, hot stamp foil decoration or decorative corners to give the book its own special look.

You can combine stack books with waterfall pages, swatch cards, or even digital swatches. You may require special engineering to show a specific repeat in your fabric swatch without incurring huge material waste.

Specialized Books – Leed Highlights

Specialized Book DetailIndustry Leading Expertise and Quality – Leed has been designing and manufacturing sample books for over 50 years. Our experience ensures the highest levels of quality, consistency, and production efficiency available.

Design Flexibility – Leed can easily produce sample books in a myriad of sizes and shapes, dependent mostly on the materials being shown and where the samples will be used.

Production Capability – Developing special looks and features is one thing – actually accomplishing them in a quality manner is something else entirely. We have the capabilities and proven track record to make your vision come true and deliver the look you desire – with the best quality.

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