Stack BooksStack books and stack pads are the most common sample book used in the residential and hospitality markets. Stack books consist of individual swatches stacked on top of each other and permanently bound into a turned-edge case.

Swatches are most often pinked, but they can be straight edge cut depending on the materials. Some fabrics require serging to limit fraying. Swatches are usually identified by a printed identification strip which runs along the bottom edge of the swatch back, or by a printed die-cut paper frame which covers all four edges of the swatch.

Swatches can be stacked in one simple stack with all swatches having the same height and width, or they can be assembled in a vignette format. This allows large scale patterns to be viewed at the same time as their smaller scaled or solid color coordinates.

Stack books can be produced in many different sizes, dependent mostly on the material being shown. The most versatile size shows a feature swatch of approx. 10” wide x 8½” high in combination with various half width and partial height swatches.

Stack Books and Stack Pads – Leed Highlights

Stack Book DetailDesign Flexibility – Leed routinely designs and produces a wide variety of stack books and pads, incorporating different sizes, edge treatments, swatch placements, and swatch identification methods.

We build the best stack books and stack pads you can find. Why not put us to the test? Contact Leed today to get started on your next stack book project.

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