Waterfall BookA waterfall book consists of multiple individual swatches assembled together onto a page before final assembly into the turned-edge case. The swatches stair-step over each other on a single page, allowing all colors to be viewed together.

Waterfalling allows the viewer to see several swatches at the same time, providing quicker access to their desired color. Waterfall swatches can also be folded, which is a great way to present velvets and other fabrics that offer a rich, luxurious hand.

Waterfall swatches are generally pinked, but can be straight edge cut; serging is also possible.

Waterfall Books – Leed Highlights

Waterfall Book DetailQuality & Uniformity – Our exclusive Laser Guidance System for the application of waterfall swatches allows us to produce waterfalls with a highly uniform and consistent positioning from page to page and from book to book.

Waterfall books play an important role in many sampling programs. Contact us today to learn how Leed can help.

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