Swatch Cards

Leed has produced more swatch cards — with a greater variety of materials — than any other sample manufacturer.

Swatch cards are the most common way of presenting material samples. Designers and consumers prefer to use swatch cards to get a quick, convenient overview of what’s available in your materials catalog.

You want your product catalog to make a great first impression on your customers, and that’s where Leed comes in – as a one-stop shop for all your swatch card requirements.

A typical swatch card is an 8½” x 11” panel that can be easily kept in a ring binder. Larger swatch cards can be made to fold to fit into a ring binder. Flip style boxes and cradles have become increasingly popular and make it possible to incorporate custom sizes.

We design and produce a wide variety of the highest quality material swatch cards, including surface mounted cards, sandwich cards, waterfall cards, pad cards, digital cards, and presentation boards.

Swatch Cards – Leed Highlights

Broad Material Sampling Capabilities

Fabrics, wallcoverings, vinyl, leather, paper, and more.

Highest Quality in the Industry

Consistent, polished appearance to make your materials stand out from the competition.

Best-In-Class Operations

Including project management, design, printing, die cutting, finishing, and quality assurance. Leed manages the entire swatch card production process in-house, using our automated systems for the highest precision positioning in the industry.

100% Quality Inspection

We inspect 100% of every swatch card production run to ensure that you get the quality you expect:

  • The right swatch in the right position on every card
  • Swatches that are straight, without stretching or warping
  • Sharp, clean die cuts
  • Clean, crisp printing
  • No smudges, smears or glue residue

Leed’s fulfillment services are located in the same streamlined facility, allowing for on-demand distribution with zero unnecessary transit costs.

We offer a complete solution for all of your swatch card needs. To learn more about how Leed can make your products stand out from the crowd, please contact us.